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Together we find solutions for us, by us

Support Group


Our coordinated marketing strategy and combined budget powerfully put us on the radar of customers and new markets


Our central reservations are driven by expert sales teams and innovative technology that leads to the bookings we want


Our Cell Captive allows us a "fit for purpose” and good value cover that acts as a strategic enabler for our peace of mind and growth

For us, by us, that is the future of South Africa’s tourism and hospitality industry

We have waded through the complex fine print that led us to work in isolation and not have the right support when we needed it most. After extensive research, we are now ready to share the options with you and highlight our best solutions.



African Marketing Collective

Our collective is the future of sustainable travel as safety in numbers is not just reserved for the bush

A bigger pool makes waves and stands out, something we can only achieve together. With our expert digital strategy, team, and combined marketing budget, we can powerfully target and reach existing and new audiences and markets. We are in a position to dominate the market with your own, and our collective special offers, that will increase your bookings through our targeted sponsored ads and blogs.

Engage with more than 100 000 users monthly, 90% more than hotels benchmarks

Quality website traffic and conversion higher than our industry standard

Brand identity amplified as we cross-promote you and our collective

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African Sales Collective

Great marketing is wasted if you cannot convert that interest into a sale 

A professional sales team understands that their responsibility is to convert every lead into a sale. Working hand in hand with marketing and completing the feedback loop of what is generating interest and what is selling leads to higher conversions and increased profitability. The sales environment has become a highly technical and innovative space with opportunities to drive up sales. Our sales team members are all well trained and incentivised to make that happen, with cross selling within the collective and upselling services we strive to take every enquiry and extract the maximum amount of value. Ably managed by an experienced sales manager who's primary focus is ensuring the smooth running of the team and ensuring a seamless and continuous focus makes our sales service unbeatable.  

Skilled professional team  who live for your product and delivering bookings

Innovative world-class CRM with intuitive management that leads to higher conversions

Competitive 24/7 availability and rapid response times to meet guests needs

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African Insurance Collective

No one understands our risks better than we do, let's reclaim our hospitality insurance 

As the tourism and hospitality industry, we are joining forces to insure ourselves. In the spirit of #StrongerTogether, we have removed the middlemen. Instead, we have collectively tailored an insurance solution that will deliver when we need it most and is backed by global experts.

Expertise in global insurance, local travel, and regional technology solutions

Extensive research on the best solutions around risk financing, mechanisms, and options

Cell Captive that allows us to thrive while protecting our establishments

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