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No one understands our business better than we do, so let's go #FurtherTogether

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African Safari Collective

Let's go further together


years of collective expertise so far

As a collective, we have the power to implement solutions that protect Africa’s wildlife, her people and our industry

We are a group of independent safari lodge owners dedicated to working together to hold each other to the highest standards so that we can deliver once-in-a-lifetime safaris. It is something we have been doing for over a century, and now collectively, we know that we can take you so much #FurtherTogether. Join us.

Become our travel partner today with African Safari Collective and join the movement for unity, integrity, and collectivity in hospitality solutions


We proudly bring together expertise in all the areas we require to thrive in the tourism industry


We have done extensive research on best practice and solutions for our lodges within the current context


We have tailored solutions to increase our ability to thrive as a collective, no matter the circumstances

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